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[SMBD-49] Yuwa Tokona とこな由羽 - S Model Vol.49 (Blu-ray Disk)
[SMBD-49] Yuwa Tokona とこな由羽 - S Model Vol.49 (Blu-ray Disk).avi 4.36 GB
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Koibito no Namae

Other Name: 恋人のなまえ ; 戀人的名字 ; Double Lover ; DOUBLE LOVER 戀人的名字 ; Double Lover - Koibito no Namae ; DOUBLE LOVER~恋人のなまえ ; Double lover―恋人のなまえ ; Double Lover: Lovers Name ; Kimochi no Yukue ; Lovers Name ; The Direction of Love

Plot Summary: V. Koibito no Namae1. Lovers NameOne night, Ei Ariga the private detective was hit on by an obnoxious stranger whilst out working on a case handled by his fathers agency. Then the timid and very polite Ryouichirou, who is a dead-ringer for the playboy stranger, turns up at the agency and tries to engage their services to find out why and how someone is breaking and entering his apartment. Ei-kun discovers that the nasty, violent and annoying carbon copy is called Naruaki and things get extremely complicated when he starts falling in love with both Ryouichirou and Naruaki... Lovers Name is also found in Double Lover - Koibito no Namae2. Saikou no KimiThe oneshot is also found in Saikou no Kimi.-----V. Double Lover - Koibito no Namae2. Kimochi no YukueIts been three years since Kirima walked away from his relationship with Kou. Kous obsessive love was what sent Kirima running in the first place, and now that he has Kirima back hes not about to let him escape aga

Author: Yamakami Riyu
Artist: Yamakami Riyu
Genre: Comedy Drama Mature Psychological Romance School Life Yaoi
Date of release: 2014

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  • Koibito no Namae - Chapter 1

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